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How to develop real talents around the campfire…

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Are you in HR or the field of human resource development?

  • Do you want to build up a talent pool in your company?
  • motivate employees and
  • foster young talents, or are you currently
  • recruiting new employees?

With our workshop, “The Campfire Method“, T | C | W helps you to

  • recognize young talents within the available resources
  • recognize employees´ growth potential
  • increase and grow employee retention
  • organize succession planning and
  • hire the right resource for the job when recruiting

“The Campfire Method” workshop: The structure

  • Duration 1 day (from 12:00 midday to 12:00 midday)
  • with a fireside chat and discussions at the campfire
  • DiSC® Workplace-profiles for all participants
  • DiSC® comparison reports and, if desired a DiSC® group profile

The clear result that T | C | W delivers is

  • a potential analysis
  • an assessment of the available resources
  • revealing growth potential
  • identifying possible young talents
  • an evaluation and discussion of the DiSC® Workplace profiles
  • tips for the further onboarding

Enough of all the talking – now you can take action. Now you can really get to know your team and create your own team culture.