For the Head of Sales

How to avoid the lucky punch in sales…

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Are you a Head of Sales and

  • want to meet the sales targets effectively without
  • ending up under pressure?
  • get the most out of the available resources (employees)?

Wir our workshop “The Box Ring Method“, T | C | W helps you to

  • derive a resource-optimized approach with regard to the business goals
  • motivate the sales team
  • focus on the nitty-gritty (on what really matters)
  • avoid lucky punches or depend on them!

“The Box Ring Method“ workshop: The structure

  • Duration 1 day (either from 8:00am to 6:00pm or from 12:00 midday to 12:00 midday)
  • With group discussions/ getting to know the sales team
  • Visualizing the current sales process (actual situation)
  • Defining the future process (target situation) = target definition
  • Planning the future process and using it

The clear result that T | C | W delivers

  • an assessment of the available resources
  • showing the bottlenecks and obstacles
  • a target/actual comparison of a resource-optimized sales process
  • sales focusing – avoiding lucky punches
  • tips for the further line of action and implementation of the resource-optimized process

Enough of all the talking – now you can take action and get to grips with your sales culture.

An an option, you can also extend “The Box Ring Method” workshop by adding the DiSC® Sales Profile. “The Box Ring Method“ also serves as a starting point into the “SPM Method”.