The Focal-Points Map

Identify, priorities and eliminate focal-points (pain points) in your company.

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The Focal Point is a spot where the heat and pressure are so high that it only takes a small spark to ignite a fire that even keeps on burning when the source if ignition is removed.

There are acute Focal Points (pain points) in every company, that´s for sure. The important thing is to identify the key Focal Points and put them out.

How can T | C | W help with that?

“With the help of the Focal Point Map we identify the most acute problem area quickly and dynamically and eliminate the pressure and heat there.

Thorsten C. Winkler

The Focal Point Map is a holistic tool and is applied in the following areas:

  • Developing a company culture in your organization
  • Organizational development
  • Empowerment of Leaders
  • Empowerment of Teams
  • Conflict resolution
  • Sales Management

The clear result that T | C | W delivers is

  • identifying the Focal Points (pain points)
  • prioritizing the Focal Points
  • identifying the most acute Focal Point
  • concrete measures

Do you want to put out the Focal Points in your company, too? Let´s get to work together then.