The SPM Method

Our SPM method is based on the focus on your model customer. With this method, we develop the right sales culture in companies and provide training in a methodical sales process that put the focus on people and their needs. The result is success – success that is measurable by the increase in incoming orders and employee satisfaction,

Are you a managing director or head of sales of a small or medium-sized B2B company (SME) that wants to develop its sales of complex products methodically?

With the „SPM Method“ T | C | W helps you to

  • increase sales significantly for the long term
  • reach business goals
  • make your company future-proof and
  • increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • use the available sales resources optimally and synchronize them with your business goals
  • avoid waste of time sales opportunities that cannot lead to a positive result

The „SPM-Method“: The structure

  • Duration/implementation approx. 4 weeks
  • Phase I – „Understanding“ (approx. 2 project days)
  • Phase II – „Implementation“ (approx. 2 project days)
  • Phase III – „Activation“ (approx. 3 project days)
  • Phase IV – „Cultivating the process“

The clear result T | C | W delivers is

  • an assessment/evaluation of the available sales resources
  • a methodical sales process, the “SPM Method” that uses the available sales resources in a reasonable way
  • Big Deal coachings
  • long-term increase in incoming orders/sales
  • tips for the further line of action and implementation
  • optimizing work processes
  • reaching the business goals continuously and sustainably

“With our method we empower people and processes, thereby developing the sales culture that leads to measurable more success.”

Thorsten C. Winkler

Are you ready for empowerment?