Achieve the set goals safely through the individual personality

When exercising our methods, the main focus is always on the “human” factor and their individual personality.

As certified DiSC® trainers, we use Wiley´s Everything DiSC profiles.

We support your HR-department with the generation, the evaluation and the assessment of the DiSC® profiles.

Thereby, the evaluation and assessment will be carried out by a certified DiSC® trainer.

T | C | W is specialized in the following DiSC® profiles:

  1. Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders – the leadership profile
  2. Everything DiSG® Workplace – the workplace profile
  3. Everything DiSG® Sales Profile – the sales profile
  4. Everything DiSG® Productive Conflict – the profile to help you to overcome conflicts with your staff members, peers and principals

We are happy to also provide you the DiSC® comparison and group reports.